Jeroen Valkier

A professional Scrum Master

It is my mission to provide and receive energy by removing hindering convictions and beliefs in people, groups and organisations that endeavour in complex product development. In helping them, they will become more effective in achieving their goals and gaining desired results. As individuals and as a whole.

My focus is on organisations that are in the business of changing the lives of people by the development of software. There, I will propagate the view that the development of a software product should never be a goal in itself. It should always be the result of the constant verification whether we are really solving a supposed problem or need, or whether (the understanding of) that problem or need has changed.

In order to get there, I use Scrum to help organisations achieve a state in which constant sensing, probing and responding has become the way in which it deals with the complex environment it operates in.

For this, I have to master Scrum, be a true Scrum Master. This requires not only knowledge of the framework itself, but also a deep understanding of its origins and relationships. For me, being a good Scrum Master goes beyond applying a framework. It demands I constantly deepen my understanding of what it stems from, and the broad agile theory and practice that applies to software product development. It will help me in preventing or removing cargo cults and achieve real change. What felt like blindly following rules, will become the only sensible way to go.

I have worked as a Scrum Master since 2009 helping over 300 people personally, working in or for 30 teams at 10 different clients. These were at both public, private and government organisations. My background is in biochemistry and business information systems. These two disciplines appear alien to each other at first, but it is the beauty of the patterns that nature shows us that I want to uncover; to bring it back in our daily lives.